Vehicle Release | PERSONAL

Vehicles that have been impounded at our facility are available for release 24/7. Our normal office hours are Monday thru Friday 8am to 6pm; However 24 Hour service is always available.

Legal documents that will be required of each person to present in order to take possession of a vehicle in our impound lot:

  1. Photo Identification
  2. Legal Instrument(s) Identifying Ownership
  3. Valid Form of Payment for the total amount due at the time of release/pick-up.

NOTE: A vehicle/vessel stored in our impound lot will only be released to the legal and/or registered owner. The exception to this rule would be when the legal and/or registered owners actual presence is unlikely due to a limited list of reasons that may, or may not, be limited to:

  1. - Hospitalized due to Illness or Injury
  2. - Located in another City, State or Country of considerable traveling distance from the location of our main office.
  3. - Imprisoned in a Local Jail, State or Federal Detention Facility

In the event that one of the three above scenarios exists, a "VEHICLE RELEASE FORM" would be required to be completed and notarized by a legally commissioned Notary Public. Said form can be obtained from this website by clicking here and must be presented in person at the time of pickup..

In the case where the legal and/or registered owner has been judged to be "mentally incompetent" by a signed court order, a copy of such court order accompanied by a valid and/or legal "power-of-attorney" instrument will be required for presentation at the time of vehicle release.

In the case where the legal and/or registered owner is "deceased", then a valid/legal "death certificate" will be required for presentation at the time of vehicle release, in addition to documents providing proof that the person the vehicle/vessel is being released to is the "executor" of the estate of the legal and/or registered owner of the vehicle being released, or any legal and binding document(s) that can establish that the person claiming such a vehicle has a legal right to take possession of same.

Vehicle Release Information